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GeneSpring addresses the challenges in multi-omic data analysis by providing comprehensive analytical and visualization tools for multiple data types. Heterogeneous data such as gene expression, miRNA, exon splicing, SNP, proteins, and metabolites, can be combined into one project, allowing researchers to analyze, compare, and view results in a single user interface. Biologists use GeneSpring for its data visualization and statistical analysis capabilities for research and drug discovery.

The NIH Library’s GeneSpring license covers analysis of data from microarrays, qPCR, and NGS (VCF). GeneSpring results interpretation and biological contextualization workflow includes GO, GSEA/GSA, and pathway analysis. Pathway analysis allows users to explore enriched curated pathways and provides the ability to overlay experimental data on a pathway.

The morning session of this class will provide an introduction to GeneSpring GX and highlight new features. The afternoon session will be devoted to advanced analysis and practical applications of GeneSpring using a TCGA cancer dataset.

9:00am - 4:00pm
Training Room
NIH Library
Bioinformatics Curriculum
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Event Organizer

Medha Bhagwat