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Do you spend too much time in spreadsheets, databases, or working with text files? You’re not alone. The truth we all know is 80% of data analysis work is in fact data management. If you make a mistake preparing your data then that’s even more time spent re-testing equipment and samples before you find the copy-paste error that wasted your weekend (or month!). Stop wasting time and save yourself the frustration. Simplify and automate your data management with a little planning, employing best practices, and a few new technical skills - all without any programming!  

Key data management concepts include:
Planning (20%) - “just enough” up-front data design to make it work
Preparing (60%) - fast, repeatable methods in Excel and Rocketfish
Analyzing (10%) - easily screen variables, subset records, and integrating results
Sharing (10%) - always be ready to share procedures, findings, data, and metadata

This course will provide best practices and in-class tools training so you leave with the skills you need to implement these approaches right away. Tools will include MS Excel (in-course templates provided) and Rocketfish (data management automation software, 6-month free trial included with course).

To register for this webinar click the following link: https://nih.webex.com/nih/k2/j.php?MTID=t51c68f895f72c7b7e566a490f84a2f90

2:00pm - 3:00pm
Data Services Curriculum, Webinar

Event Organizer

Lisa Federer