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Heatmaps are tables that use colors instead of numbers to represent data. They are often used to visualize gene expression data, but can be used for almost any type of tabular or array data. In this class, we’ll discuss how to create customized heatmaps, including:

• draw dendograms that visualize hierarchical clustering to demonstrate similarities among observations,
• create customized color palettes,
• add a customized color key.

Required pre-requisite: experience with R and RStudio

This is in-person class but webinar option is available. 

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To register for the webinar click the following link:https://nih.webex.com/nih/k2/j.php?MTID=t57890a16e5ca3dd88e95d2cdb8fc9fcf

9:00am - 11:00am
Training Room
NIH Library
Data Services Curriculum, Webinar
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Event Organizer

Lisa Federer